Pharma graduate profile Novo Nordisk: Anne Schou, Market Access Manager, Novo Nordisk

Pharma graduate profile Novo Nordisk: I studied a Master’s degree in Public Health Science at the University of Copenhagen, where I focused on pharmaceutical policy, epidemiology and health economics. In my role, I get to play a part in improving patient access to diabetes and obesity medicines.

As part of my degree I had an internship with Novo Nordisk HQ in their Health Advocacy department, which sparked my interest in the pharmaceutical industry and especially my interest for Novo Nordisk.

World of opportunity

It stood out to me as a company due to its heritage within innovative diabetes care and because of the company’s values and culture. Novo Nordisk integrates a set of values called ‘The Novo Nordisk Way’ which ensures a patient-centred and sustainable business approach, high quality products and ethical business practices.

I began my career in Novo Nordisk as a European Market Access graduate, which is a two-year global career journey. I had the opportunity to go on three different rotations in three different European affiliates in Europe (Denmark, the UK and France). This was a great opportunity for me to gather international experience, get exposure to various projects within market access and to start building a strong network.

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A day in the life

A day in the world of market access can be many different things. Most days, I will be working on various projects and plans for our different products spanning areas of health economics, real-world evidence, value communications and public affairs. I also work with external stakeholders and attend meetings, conferences etc. which provides a good understanding of the always changing healthcare environment in the UK.

The work I get to do in Novo Nordisk is interdisciplinary by nature with interactions between science and policy which is extremely appealing to me, coming from a public health background. Working together with key stakeholders in the healthcare system to improve diabetes care is not only exciting, but makes for extremely rewarding work.

Words of advice

If you are still studying, try to get involved with the company to learn more about the work environment. I participated in a case competition organised by Novo Nordisk when I was studying, which was a good way of getting to know the company a bit better. This gives both you and the company an opportunity to see if there could be a potential fit and you get to network with people, which is always helpful when trying to figure out in which direction to go.

Where next?

My ambition is to further develop capabilities within Market Access and Public Affairs, as I enjoy working cross-functionally finding solutions to complex business issues and working to deliver high quality results. I aspire to utilise these skills across the different organisational levels in Novo Nordisk and hopefully contribute to grow the business both profitably and responsibly.

This article was originally published in Pharmafield.