Pharma Graduate Profile: Dylan Nichol, App Developer at AstraZeneca

Pharma Graduate Profile: I am studying Computer Games and Software Development at Glasgow Caledonian University, and within AstraZeneca, my role has been as an app developer.

Embrace change

My project started by designing an app which would be used as an eLearning platform for the sales teams in respiratory. I designed the app layout, features and development cycle which I would be carrying out. Due to time constraints however, the project had to be cancelled, and my role changed to scouting possible eLearning platforms already on the market. My role was to communicate between AstraZeneca and these external companies which could offer us such software.

As I have come closer to the end of the internship, my role has changed again, as I have been carrying out different tasks to help lower the workload for my colleagues. I work alongside various teams in a massive organisation and help to alleviate pressure across the teams by taking on different jobs. I also travel to different AstraZeneca offices across the UK to meet members of the organisation.

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Fresh insight

I was attracted to working for AstraZeneca as I view pharmaceutical companies as organisations which have to constantly stay up-to-date within the digital world and was encouraged at the prospect of guiding this process. I also had a rather negative view of pharmaceutical companies and wanted to challenge this point of view and gain new insight into the business.

In my current team, most of my colleagues have limited knowledge in my area, which provides a new challenge to me as I have to explain ideas and express myself using terms that anybody can understand.

Word of advice

For a young person entering the pharmaceutical industry, my advice would be to have an open mind about the industry and admire all the great solutions that the business has brought to healthcare.

For me, I see this internship defining my career path even more. I feel like I am much better suited to a smaller team and can see a great future for myself as a developer in a smaller-scale team. 

This article was originally published in Pharmafield.