What is the role of a National Implementation Lead Manager in pharma?

Sandy Lindsey, National Implementation Lead Manager, Vaccines, MSD, joint winner of the Account Project Pf Award 2018, on how her role is really all about the people.

I love my job as a National Implementation Lead Manager because

…it has to be something I believe in, that motivates me and I also enjoy, otherwise why do it? 
Working as a National Implementation Lead Manager within a franchise that focuses on prevention of diseases and public health through our vaccines (in the UK alone, last year we reached over two million people through our vaccines) and the provision of women’s health products, our goal is to help shape population health in the UK and to support the NHS to help every child, woman and man to have a healthier future. This is achieved through a variety of programmes and initiatives that helps ensure that those that are eligible to receive a vaccine can make an informed choice on vaccinations. In this respect we are truly ‘Inventing for Life’.

…every day is very different,
from helping shape our future strategies, engaging with our key stakeholders, meeting with my team and everything in between. This is why I do this job, as I never get bored and there are always new challenges! I’m pretty sure there is no job with a typical day, and if there is keep it away from me!

…it’s all about the people. 
Not only about the people I work with (who are awesome) but all of the people, the UK population.

…it’s important to me to do what I do. 
My job as a National Implementation Lead Manager is about population health, and it’s my job to make sure that prevention is as important as treatment when it comes to healthcare – as they say prevention is better than cure, it really is.

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…I feel extremely proud to have won the Account Project Award at Pf Awards 2018. 
I’m especially proud of my team member Priyanka Trehan, who was central to the success of the work presented as part of the Pf Awards. We definitely had smiles on our faces.

…MSD offers many opportunities through career progression, social and other networks. 
For professional development this includes mentoring, stretch assignments, secondment opportunities, leadership and manager acceleration programmes. We also have many different networks as part of our Global Diversity and Inclusion Centre of Excellence, including the newly set up Next Generation Network, The Women’s Network and many more. MSD is a global company so there are also opportunities to live and work abroad.

…I love to visit different places, inside and outside the UK. 
I love all seasons of the year, so I am a keen snowboarder during the winter and love to go on sunshine holidays during the summer. I am also a regular at the gym which helps keep my energy levels up and also allows me to enjoy my food.

…the exciting thing about my career is that you never know what’s just around the corner. 
I regularly get asked “What do you want to be (when you grow up)?” but I find this a hard question to answer as the landscape of healthcare is so fluid. I am particularly excited about digital transformation and what part that will play for pharma, the healthcare industry and population health.