I love my job because…Pf Award Winner Priyanka Trehan

Priyanka Trehan, Area Health Lead, MSD North West London, joint winner of the Account Project Pf Award 2018.

I love my job because…Since February of this year I have moved into a market access role.

Whilst this is the most challenging job I have had in my career so far, I truly love it! Working in a business unit that has a clear focus delivering on excellence in implementation, a key component of my job is ensuring that a positive market access environment is created that spans across the MSD portfolio. The excitement of supporting a local healthcare system never fades! The challenge is understanding how national health policies and changes are being interpreted and actioned at a local level. My job entails building collaborative relationships with all stakeholders that are involved in delivering care in North West London. The stakeholders and organisations that I interact with vary from clinical commissioning groups, GP federations, to academic health science networks, public health leads and acute trusts!

I love my job because…Being successful requires me to be equipped with as much knowledge as possible.

Reading articles, parliamentary papers, reports, seeking internal advice from departments such as Medical and External Affairs. Secondly and most importantly, it is listening carefully to what matters to our stakeholders, taking the time to understand their challenges and drivers and working with them to identify areas of collaboration. This doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m truly passionate about delivering better health outcomes and helping to reduce variances in care in North West London.

“I never lose sight of the patient and how my job can help to make patient experiences better.”

I love my job because…There’s no such thing as a typical day.

You only need to take a look at my diary! Working with such a wide spread of stakeholders that are either aligned to elements of our portfolio or service transformation means that each discussion is different. It’s a great feeling, knowing that I have the confidence and ability to talk to customers about our MSD strategy to individual disease areas, I love switching hats!

I love my job because…It’s not just a job, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

It’s a key part of me and my life, it provides balance. I never lose sight of the patient and how my job can help to make patient experiences better.

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I love my job because…We are all patients of the NHS.

They saved my life after a road traffic accident, and my nearest and dearest are patients in the NHS. It varies from my son being vaccinated to prevent illnesses to my mother-in-law fighting stage 4 cancer. The point is, I feel the same weight of responsibility as I imagine employees of the NHS do, and I have a role in helping to make it accessible to all. It’s our NHS!

I love my job because…Many of my colleagues are inspirational.

The examples of work that they do are just amazing. From working to identify and eliminate undiagnosed hepatitis C in collaboration with a wider NHS initiative, to helping with patient pathways in oncology. I want my son to be proud of me, leaving a footprint for him to follow, and this is what makes me proud of my work!

I love my job because…It says a lot about an organisation when they have loyal employees.

Soon after I completed my postgraduate education I joined MSD, that was 15 years ago. Throughout my time at MSD I have been in 10 roles, from the field to the office. MSD is an organisation that believes in employee development; my line manager will always make time to talk about areas that I would like to pursue in the business and helps to identify opportunities. Many employees work on career progression assignments, to get a taste of different parts of the organisation and build new skills.

MSD actively champions diversity in the workplace, we are free to give back to communities through voluntary work and contribute to networks such as MSD for Mothers.

“I want my son to be proud of me, leaving a footprint for him to follow, and this is what makes me proud of my work!”

I love my job because…Outside of work, I love spending time with my family and friends.

My five-year-old son is teaching me all about dinosaurs! My friends and family make me happy, in fact my best friend is having a baby soon and I can’t wait. They are my motivators. I love travelling and learning about the Indian arts world and from time to time to put paint to canvas. I’ve recently started boxing again and visit the gym on a regular basis and I did my first Pilates class last week!

I love my job because…It excites me not knowing what role I will be in next year!

Honestly, the organisation makes me feel secure enough to know that I’ll be doing something important, that will allow me to gain a breadth of experience across the business.