Graduate profile: Lauren Chapple, Diabetes Care Specialist, Novo Nordisk

Lauren Chapple, Diabetes Care Specialist, Novo Nordisk: I studied Pharmacology at the University of Leeds, and after university I wanted to continue my passion and explore work in the pharmaceutical field. I’d always wanted to work for one of the Big Pharma companies, but I didn’t know in what sort of role. While working in a pharmacy I met a pharma representative. I liked the sound of being in a field-based role that utilised my pharmacology knowledge and helped to educate others to aid change and make a positive difference.

Value driven

It was important to me that I work for a company who are specialists in their therapy area. Endocrinology had always been an interest of mine throughout university and upon doing some research into the top endocrinology companies I learned of Novo Nordisk. I loved their ethics and values and had seen first-hand the benefits of their products to patients’ lives whilst working in the pharmacy.

Novo Nordisk are great at helping their employees achieve their career goals. They offer numerous ‘Aspiring’ programmes to aid the development of their employees into the different areas of business, enhancing cross-market knowledge. With offices and affiliates all over the world there is also the opportunity to work abroad and widen your global perspective, developing the experience you need for leadership later in your career.

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A day in the life

As a diabetes care specialist, my day consists of meetings with healthcare professionals in primary care – be it nurses, GPs or medicines management. I work to educate them on the Novo Nordisk products and aim to help them achieve beneficial outcomes for their patients.

Novo Nordisk works hard to remove the hierarchical environment seen in many big companies. They are great at empowering their employees and are true to their values. They genuinely care about those who use their services as well as the employees who work hard to achieve such great care.

Learn from experience

I have a mentor in my team who I have been working closely with since I joined the company. I’ve learnt a great deal from their experience both within the company and in their role. They have ensured that I am taking the right steps to progress in my career and have massively helped to develop my confidence and skills.

My advice to a young person thinking about entering the pharmaceutical industry would be to do your research into the industry, think about what it is you’re passionate about and then find the right company that is best suited to your beliefs and drivers.

What’s next?

I hope to widen my skills by exploring different areas of business within the company. My goal in life has always been to explore work abroad, so I hope to join one of the global affiliates to fulfil this dream.  

This article was originally published in Pharmafield.