Pf Awards: Looking for the brightest talent in pharmaceutical sales and medical devices

Pf Awards, the UK’s premier pharmaceutical sales and medical device awards, are open for entries. Pf Awards are looking for the brightest talent working in pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Companies are encouraged to enter their top performers in one or more of the 15 categories.

With over 5000 entries since their inception at the turn of the millennium, there’s no better time to enter the exclusive Pf Awards. The categories are:

• Best Newcomer Award
• Commercial Impact Award
• Cross-Functional Team Award
• e-Representative Award
• Experienced Account Manager Award
• Field Manager Award
• Future Leaders Award
• Joint Working Award
• Learning & Development Award
• Medical Scientific Liaison Award
• New Account Manager Award
• Nurse Advisor Award
• Payer Engagement Award
• Primary Care Specialist Award
• Secondary Care Specialist Award

“My Pf Award win was a real springboard. I have been in the industry for 20 years and my career has rocketed since I won.”

It is easy to enter. Companies are invited to put forward their top performers for recognition at the Pf Awards. If your company is not yet involved, you can easily join by contacting Pf Awards. There is no cost to enter.

Entries are screened, and candidates are assessed, by an independent Judging Panel. The Panel is made up of GPs, hospital general medical physicians, nurse consultants, marketeers and those who have previously held a senior position in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Melanie Hamer, Director of Pf Awards, said: “Pf Awards started 19 years ago. Most companies recognised the success of their top performers internally; however, we felt there was a need for a cross-industry platform of recognising and rewarding success.

“Since their launch in 2000, Pf Awards have received over 5000 entries and awarded 325 winners. 2018 was our largest year to date and we’re excited to build on that for 2019. The Pf Awards are a prestigious accolade for pharma’s top talent to be measured against the rest of the industry.”

Previous Pf Award Winner Raheel Mirza won the Learning and Development Initiative Award in 2016. He connects his Pf Award win with his career success: “My Pf Award win was a real springboard. I have been in the industry for 20 years and my career has rocketed since I won. I have reflected on my win and my career progression and it clearly correlates. I would encourage everyone to apply and I would like to enter again in the future.”

Pf Awards are key to celebrating, motivating and recognising the successes of the brightest talent in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.