Taking the next career step with leading pharma recruiters


Not sure what role is next? Find your trusted advisors in leading pharma recruiters, CHASE’s Helen Weller shares her expertise.

If you’ve been doing the same job for a while or you feel like you need a change but you’re just not sure what to do about it, then you’re not alone! Many of the candidates who approach, leading pharma recruiters, CHASE feel the same way.

This feeling could be related to a clear, specific issue that’s bothering you or simply just a voice in the back of your mind asking recurring questions about how much satisfaction you’re getting from your work. Whatever the catalyst, it means you’re feeling unsettled in your role.

Whenever CHASE has these types of discussions, our consultants get to know candidates as individuals and will explore what they really want out of a job. This could be future career opportunities, a more varied role, a specific therapy area or a better work:life balance. Luckily the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors offer lots of choice and wonderful career opportunities. In short, these industries are more than pretty good – they’re great!

“The pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors offer lots of choice and wonderful career opportunities”

Our best advice for the vast majority of candidates is to start by reflecting on how you’d like to move forward. Speak to those who you trust and who know you the best. Spend time thinking about it – be honest with yourself. Also speak to someone who does this for a living – for example, one of the CHASE consultant team! You’ll find that talking this through with a variety of people will be a massive help, and it may even lead you to a place where you decide that you’re actually okay where you are. Sometimes we forget to stop to appreciate what we have.

However, if you decide that pastures new are for you, speak to your chosen consultant and work with them to craft a plan to find something new and fresh. Whatever your situation there will be something for you to seriously consider. At CHASE our team of experienced consultants will help you make the best possible decisions over the course of your career.

Leading pharma recruiters

We love seeing our candidates thrive and progress their careers. As we celebrate our 21st birthday year, we have many, many examples of candidates who have turned to us at various points in their career for advice, support and assistance. Whatever your career stage or level of seniority, find your trusted advisors – you won’t regret it.

Helen Weller is Recruitment Consultant at CHASE. If you’d like to speak to your local CHASE consultant please do get in touch:

0131 553 6644 | connect@chasepeople.com