Taking on a new role

Your thoughts might be turning to taking on a new role. We asked expert pharma recruiters for their advice on levelling up your career in 2020.

Victoria Henderson, Senior Consultant at CHASE

New Year, new job? That could be a good idea, but equally don’t be led just by the changing of the calendar! Our best advice, at whatever time of the year, is to start by reflecting on how you’d like to move forward. Speak to those who you trust and who know you the best. Spend time thinking about it – be honest with yourself! Talking this through with a variety of people will be a massive help, and it may lead you to decide that you’re okay where you are.

However, if you decide that pastures new are for you, speak to an experienced and knowledgeable recruiter and work with them to craft a plan to find you something different. Whatever your situation there will be something for you to consider. Your consultant will ensure that your CV is fit for purpose and will provide full support and guidance as you progress through the selection process.

Nothing’s ever perfect, but if you feel positively about working in pharma or healthcare and just need to freshen things up, you’re unlikely to regret giving new things a go and working hard to be a success. Go to www.chasepeople.com

“Book in a call with a recruiter for some free career advice”

Hannah Hall, Pharma Sales Recruitment Consultant at Carrot Pharma Recruitment

To prepare yourself for a career move in January, we’d recommend ensuring your CV is as up-to-date as possible, before sending a copy across to one of our specialist consultants – we’re always more than happy to advise on any improvements or amendments.

Getting your LinkedIn profile up-to-date is also vital, as this will allow recruiters to easily see where you’re currently working and what experience and skills you can offer – you might just be the perfect fit for a role they’re working on.

We suggest you also book in a call with a recruiter for some free career advice! From this you’ll be advised on how buoyant the market is, if your salary is above or below market rate, what kind of companies would be interested in your experience and if there are any new team builds or openings coming up that may suit your background. With so many new roles coming to the market, working with a recruiter will allow you to weigh up different and interesting options you may not have been aware of previously. Go to www.carrotpharma.co.uk

Hannah Light, Digital Marketing Manager at Star

Think about your career path and if you’re happy with your plan. It can be easy to continue in your role because it’s what you know, and not give yourself time to reassess and make sure that you’re heading in the right direction.

Go through your CV and answer a few questions. Is there anything you could add, such as experience or courses you’ve attended? Could it be worded better? That synonym for ‘hardworking’ may have sounded good at 3am when you chose it, but I’ll bet it doesn’t read as well now.

What are the attributes that potential employers in your industry are looking for, and have you brought those to life in your CV? When you’re happy, make sure that you update your LinkedIn profile to keep things consistent, and ensure specialist recruiters can contact you with potential opportunities.

Specialist recruiters could help you establish what you’re looking for in your career and find your ideal role, taking the time to understand your ‘wants’ and ‘don’t wants’. Plus, choosing to work with a recruiter means that you’ll have the advantage of their vast industry knowledge and extensive client relationships, built on quality service and trust.

Go to www.starmedical.co.uk